flight data recorder

Open-Source Flight Data Recorder For MS Flight Simulator

This software records and analyzes data retrieved by FSUIPC from many versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Its data is stored in a simple comma separated variable file (*.csv) that can easily be opened in Microsoft Excel and similar spreadsheet programs. Recorded data can be viewed in a table or a graph in real-time. It also includes a map that shows the current location through the Google Maps API.

Terms of Usage

You are free to change, edit, and improve the source code of the software as you please. You are free to distribute the original as well as an improved edition given you credit the original author, myself.


I would like to give full credit to Scott McCrory, Bob Scott who wrote the C# class, and Pete Dowson who developed FSUIPC. Flight Data Viewer makes use of the System Developers Kit for FSUIPC. Thank you very much!

Flight Simulator Version Compatibility

Flight Data Recorder is compatible with FS2002, FS2004, and FSX. I have only tested FS2004 and FSX but FS2002 and FS98 should work as well.


Close to all of the lines of source code are commented to explain exactly what they do. This is available in Version 1.2 and higher.

Source Code Notes

Flight Data Recorder retrieves its data in the same way that Flight Data Viewer does. It uses a class named FSData which contains sub routines that return data from the FSUIPC class. This is displayed in labels on a form.

 Export to Google Earth

Flight Data Recorder allows you to export your flight data into KML flie where you can open it in Google Earth. You can choose the frequency of data points you want to export. Hope you enjoy this feature!