flight data viewer

Free, Open-Source Data Viewer for MS Flight Simulator

This software makes use of FSUPIC for its data retrieval. This can be downloaded here. Also, because it is written in Visual C# it relies on Microsoft's .NET Framework for its interface and compiler. .NET is very common and is already installed on most to all windows machines.

Terms of Usage

You are free to change, edit, and improve the source code of the software as you please. You are free to distribute the original as well as an improved edition as long as you credit the original author, myself.


I would like to give full credit to Scott McCrory, Bob Scott who wrote the C# class, and Pete Dowson who developed FSUIPC. Flight Data Viewer makes use of the System Developers Kit for FSUIPC. Thank you very much!

Flight Simulator Version Compatibility

Flight Data Viewer is compatible with FS2002, FS2004, and FSX. I have only tested FS2004 and FSX but FS2002 and FS98 should work as well.

Source Code Notes

The Main form is the only windows form in the application. It relies on the FSData Class and the fsuipc Class. FSData contains subroutines that gathers data from the fsuipc class and returns it. There is a subroutine for each of the major fields in FSData along with the subroutine GetAircraftDataArray(). This opens the FSUIPC port once, retrieves all the data and returns it in a double array. This is more efficient than calling each subroutine individually.

Code Documentation

All source code is documented in detail in the Documentation PDF in the downloads section.




Download Here